Youth Service

Youth Service and young people.


About Youth Service

The Youth Service aims to get young people into education, training or work-based learning. This will help young people gain the skills to find a job and have an independent future.

WestREAP has Youth Facilitators/Coaches who give guidance, support and encouragement to help youth find the education, training or work-based learning that works.

Youth Service offers guidance and practical support to young people. It is about stepping in early to help build potential through education, training or work-based learning.

What Youth Services can help you with

Your provider will help you get the services and support you need.

The kinds of things they can do with you are:

  • talk about where you are now and where you want to be
  • figure out what might be stopping you succeeding at school, in training or in work-based learning
  • sort out the steps you need to take to get into education, training or work
  • put together an action plan that will help you reach your goals
  • help you get back to school or to apply for training courses
  • support you in school and training
  • check your achievements
  • help you if you get off track
  • update your plan when things change
  • be your coach or go-to person.


Contact WestREAPs office for the Youth Services Facilitator details on 0800 927 327 or email or

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