Leadership Camp & Follow-Up Days

WestREAP coordinate and run Leadership Camps annually for Year 6 to Year 8 students. Follow-up days for the camps are then held later in the year.  Students who participate in these camps achieve personal growth through meeting and overcoming challenges in the outdoor environment and develop teamwork through cooperative group problem-solving exercises.

The outcomes of the camps will be students who can identify and develop leadership attributes and skills and apply them in their school environment. Students are put into unfamiliar and challenging situations where they undertake physical and mental challenges. Students from different schools are put together so a new group dynamic is put in place and new leadership challenges will be faced.
Leadership Camp Follow Up days allow the children get a chance to showcase what they learned earlier in the year, catch up with new friends they made at camp and enjoy some more fun and challenging team and leadership activities.

Here are some of the comments the children make about what leadership means to them:

  • “To me the most important tool of teamwork is supporting and encouraging each other. Meaning if one of your team mates fails you support them and encourage them to try again”
  • “The important thing about teamwork for me is working together because if we all pitch in, it will be done quicker and easier”
  • “The important tools of teamwork is trying each other’s ideas”
  • “Communication because if you don’t talk and communicate you might be doing different things instead of the same”