Computers in Homes

Computers in Homes is a family based programme that provides a computer and internet connection to the homes of families with young children at school.

For Adults

It gives them the opportunity to get involved with computers, learn how they work and how your family can use them safely.

For Children

It ensures that they can participate in technology learning at home.

For Families

It’s a great opportunity to learn and share experiences together.

What to expect

There are three levels of tuition that we will mix and match to suit your learning needs. We have a series of modules based on Windows software programmes that you work through at your pace depending on your family needs, these could be:


  • Being more involved with your child’s educational growth
  • Keeping yourself and your family safe online
  • Beginning your own training or learning pathway
  • Improving your existing employment or moving back into employment
  • Being more active in your school or the community


Courses run in both Hokitika and Greymouth throughout every school term. Each term starts off with an overview session to refresh the basic skills you already have. From that point forward we encourage you to choose your own modules to learn.