The Tindall Foundation Fund Manager

WestREAP and Buller REAP have been the West Coast Funding Manager for The Tindall Foundation since 2006.

The Tindall Foundation grant an annual allocation of funds to be distributed on the West Coast in line with their criteria.

The West Coast Area Committee is made up of representatives from Buller REAP, WestREAP and the community.  They meet twice annually to consider applications.  The first meeting is a preliminary application consideration process.  Pending success in the preliminary round applicants are invited to complete a full application and the committee meet again to consider. The Tindall Foundation has set funding criteria and requests must qualify under the Tindall Foundation Supporting Families and Social Services and within the Tindall Foundation’s funding stream.

  • 15th June – Funding round opens and applications are invited.
  • 15th August – Preliminary Applications close
  • 15th September – Notification to Preliminary Applicants.
  • 31st October – Full Applications close
  • 30th November – Notification and distribution of Funds.

Tindall Funding Guidelines & Criteria

For more information about the Tindall Foundation and it’s wonderful work in our communities visit the Tindall Foundation’s website

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