South Westland Community Development Project

South Westland Communities Development Project (SWCDP), funded by Department of Internal Affairs and WestREAP and managed by WestREAP, involves supporting communities to be innovative to generate their own solutions to local issues, and to become more self-reliant and resilient. It will support community-driven projects that enable people to come together, build trust and work to achieve community outcomes. It provides a Community Development Facilitator (CDF) to work with communities and service providers, to identify opportunities, issues and problems, identify projects, leaders, partners and resources, facilitate collaboration and to compile community development plans.


SWCDP involves:


  • Enhancing the ability of the people of South Westland to develop and celebrate strong, resilient communities and generate community-driven sustainable solutions to local issues, having regard to the diversity of each community’s identity, culture, heritage, natural environments and economic opportunities, their small populations and remoteness from service centres.


The Department of Internal Affairs has funded the employment of a Community Development Facilitator for SWCDP for three years (2014-17). WestREAP is the project manager and community associations in Haast, Bruce Bay, Fox Glacier, Franz Josef Glacier, Okarito, Whataroa, Hari Hari and Ross are partner organisations. In Ross, SWCDP will work in cooperation with the Kumara-Ross Community Development Project, also funded by the Department of Internal Affairs.


Click here for the South Westland Community Development Project year 3 (2016-2017) work plan


If you have a vision for a community-led project, want to be more involved in community decision-making and leadership or want more information on SWCDP please contact the Community Development Facilitator and also let your community association know.

David Stapleton

South Westland Community Development Facilitator

(03) 762 6515
027 48 48 722