The CACTUS program is physical, challenging, tiring & even exciting!

Enrolment in CACTUS is open to rangatahi/young people year 9 and upwards, but get in early as numbers are limited for each trimester long program. There will be a new intake of up to 16 rangatahi/young people each trimester (aligning with the school year) throughout 2018, starting at the beginning of term 1.

  • Rangatahi/young people are expected & encouraged to give everything they have.
  • The programme will be delivered in a variety of styles and from difference cultural perspectives.
  • CACTUS supports individual rangatahi/young people to:
    • see how they can perform with others,
    • challenge and motivate themselves and their peers,
    • plan, achieve goals & happily fail,
    • then stubbornly succeed.
  • Each rangatahi/young person will learn to listen to themselves and others

Cost:  Participants will need clothes and shoes to run in (nothing fancy) & the cost of the CACTUS T-shirt (approx.. $20, to be confirmed).The programme is otherwise funded by Westland District Council, the Ministry of Youth Development, the Westland CACTUS Trust and WestREAP.

A separate Health Profile and Parent/Guardian Consent and Risk Disclosure Form are to be completed for each rangatahi/young person attending CACTUS Westland. Please return all health & consent  forms, completed, to the school as soon as possible to ensure a place. Completed forms need to be returned to you school before you will be able to participate in CACTUS.

Disclosure of Risks:
Potential risks associated with participation in CACTUS Westland include, but are not limited to, those risks associated with activities:

●      Running & exercising… a lot ●      Being in outdoor open spaces
●      Being active at the beach ●      Challenging environments & activities
●      Working hard as a team ●      Thinking, & setting Goals
●      Participating in activities that can be stressful ●      A couple of Big long days
●      At times being wet, cold &/or uncomfortable ●      Creating long lasting memories
●      Using common sense ●      Adventuring in the bush

There are risks associated with any involvement in Education Outside The Classroom events & these risks cannot be completely eliminated.

WestREAP & the CACTUS instructors, will identify any foreseeable risks or hazards & implement correct management procedures to eliminate, isolate, or minimize those hazards. Further, participants will be involved in the development of safety procedures.

Full risk management plans are available on request from WestREAP. Please do not hesitate to contact us (contact details below) if you have any queries or require any further information about your Rangatahi/Young Person’s involvement in CACTUS Westland.

If you have any queries, please contact:

Pita McDonald, CACTUS Lead Facilitator on 021 0227 0275 or at; or

Julia Lavers, Team Leader – Youth at WestREAP on (03)755 8700, or

Pita McDonald, CACTUS Lead Facilitator
Julia Lavers - Team Leader, Youth